"football getting a bad rap"
6/28/2014 1:41 PM


Because football has obviously become America’s favorite pass time. I feel compelled to defend it from anti sports people. In light of ALL the negative publicity football has gotten about injuries and specifically concussions that have affected former players and how the NFL has not taken care of its own. I agree whole heartedly these guys should be taken care of, many of them as a young kid I idolized! However the sport as a whole is getting a “BAD RAP”. My point is we don’t hear of the injuries from other sports like hockey, lacrosse, soccer etc. In fact the only sports that probably don’t get head injuries are golf, tennis and track. Children get concussions from riding their bikes and skate boarding.

Folks the game of football is NOT the same physical game it was 10 years ago. The rules have changed dramatically equipment technology is at its best, it now has a shelf life where it can no longer be used and must be replaced after 10 years. We on the youth level as coaches MUST be trained properly and certified to coach before we can even step on the field. The OLD school ways are gone and no longer accepted. Many of you may have seen the show “FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES” that is NOT youth football many of those coaches have be BANNED from coaching or forced to be trained and certified properly. We in Bloomfield play in the NJSYFL (New Jersey Suburban Youth Football League) where we as a league are a member of “HEADS UP FOOTBALL” run by USA FOOTBALL.  Even now as we speak high school coaches have to be certified in “heads up football”. You as a parent we welcome to learn our sport and provide information to do so. has everything you need to know about equipment, concussions proper hydration etc.

We in Bloomfield will be having a “heads up tackling” night where we want parents to come down on the field and learn with their children so they can reinforce proper technique at home.  As being involved in football as a high school coach youth coach and administrator for 28 years I have seen the great results of hundreds of young men whether they have played at the highest level or finished playing after their youth career, the positive impact football has had on their lives. And many of them say the discipline, teamwork and friendships they have built has lasted a lifetime. You can learn more about Bloomfield Jr Bengals at

James McDaniel

President William Foley Football League


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