Jr. Bengals Football & Cheerleading

Countdown to First Official Practice August 14th 2017

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Up coming events
James McDaniel
Parents     Mark your calendars for upcoming events and dates that you can take advantage of. Some items are attached others being finalized and will be sent in future emails and Bloomfield School districts virtual backpack. Fall tackle
Submitted: 5/1/2018
By: James McDaniel
New parent

9/12/2015 8:23 PM Hello, This is my son's first year playing football and he loves it. He's enjoying playing, having new friends and meeting people. I am very happy for him that he's having a great time. I would have never thought that he would be i
Submitted: 9/13/2015
By: James McDaniel
"football getting a bad rap"
FOOTBALL GETTING A “BAD RAP” Because football has obviously become America’s favorite pass time. I feel compelled to defend it from anti sports people. In light of ALL the negative publicity football has gotten about injuries and specifically conc
Submitted: 6/28/2014
By: James McDaniel
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